Celebrating International Day of Risk Reduction

Visit of the landslide of Puigcercós and Workshop of Geological Risks, two activities for awareness population of geological risks

 In the UNESCO Global Geopark Conca de Tremp – Montsec we organized a guided tour to the landslide of Puigcercós the 13th October. About 50 participants of all ages discovered the history of Puigcercós inhabitants who were forced to move from their home town due to some earth shakes and the town eventually collapsed in 1881. Fortunately, there were no victims, but this is still a good example for education and risk prevention.








Moreover, the Geoparc also collaborated in the organization of the Geological Risk Workshop celebrated the 10th October at the scientific headquarters of the Geopark. This activity was led by the Catalan geological survey (ICGC) and some topics were discussed, mainly related with landslides, too. Among the speeches we would like to highlight the one done by a recent graduate student of Geology and Environmental Sciences that did her Final Research Project in the Geopark about landslides. Her contribution helps give visibility and recognition to the work and research of the youth who are the future custodiants of our planet.




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